With a 2200-year history, Hangzhou is an ancient and modern city, which is full of vigour and charm. From ancient times, Hangzhou served as an important cultural and art city. 800 years ago, the Southern Song Academy was built here, which represents top level of ancient Chinese art. 100 years ago, Xiling Seal Society was set up. After that, thanks to Chinese new cultural movement, China Academy of Art, one of the most famous institutions in the world, was established in 1928. It had attracted and cultivated lots of artistes including Lin Fengmian, Pan Tianshou, Huang Binhong, Li Keran, Zhu Dequn, Wang Shu (the first Pritzker Prize winner in China) and others. Under the influence of deep culture and creativity, some of them have enjoyed a global reputation,some have gotten remarkable academic achievements, some have created lots of works.

HIBON devoted to propel artistic expression forward based on Chinese culture and attached importance to fusion of Chinese and western cultures. It aims to promote the development of modern art, especially in China.

With the intent to collecting, exhibiting, academic researching, public educating, HIBON concentrates on establishing communication and cooperation between the countries, and building close relationship with with curators, art critics, artists, and collectors. We plan to set up a system that matches conditions and disciplines of art market. More cooperation with foundations, institutions, and organizations have been established, which spread HIBON’s publicity efforts. Thanks to professional and rich collecting experience, continuous innovation, and latest information, HIBON grows fast and healthy. We provide a cooperation platform for modern artists and collectors that set up an open and free environment and provide valid information of collection and investment for artists and collectors.

HIBON’s works collected from Zhu Dequn (a globally recognized artist), Zeng Mi, Yang Shihong, Shi Hu, and other artists.

HIBON is located in Binjiang District in Hangzhou, which is the accumulation area of headquarters of large enterprises in Zhejiang. There are four areas in our center, with the total area of 800 square meters.

In addition, the center is equipped with audiovisual studio, conference meeting room, lounge in Chinese style, storeroom and other complementary rooms.

The most important point is that there is a professional team with high motivation, infinite,creativity, and a convenient and efficient trading and payment platform. We sincerely devote to provide the first grade service for all customers.